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EDUTECH is a private tutoring service in suburban Philadelphia which has prepared students for the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT), the ACT Assessment (ACT)  and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) since 2003. EDUTECH also provides private tutoring to first year law students as they prepare for final exams at the Greater Philadelphia area law schools. EDUTECH also assists law school graduates preparing for the Multistate Bar Exam and the Pennsylvania Essay Section of the Bar Exam.

EDUTECH has developed a course specifically designed for students taking the new SAT which started in March 2016. This course incorporates new subject matter and question types which have been added to the SAT.

We provide a one-on-one service with an experienced instructor for 15-hour or 30-hour sessions that will prepare students for the SAT, ACT, and the LSAT, giving the knowledge, testing skills and confidence that our students will need to succeed on test day. Your EDUTECH instructor will tutor according to the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

We accommodate our student’s schedule by traveling to them or a centralized location for all private tutoring sessions. We also hold classroom courses at several colleges in Delaware and Chester County and the Brandywine Valley area.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about Edutech.

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