How long should your LSAT Preparation Last?

How long should you spend preparing for the LSAT?
The LSAT is designed so students can’t prepare for it. That is, it will not test your knowledge, it will test your ability to analyze and comprehend what you read in the test. As a result, people spend far less time preparing for the LSAT than other advanced degree exams (e.g. GMAT or MCAT).
To prepare for the LSAT, I suggest you practice by taking old LSAT exams (some are posted for free on the LSAT website and others can be purchased as part of LSAT preparation books) once a week for 10-12 weeks before the exam.
This time period will help you become familiar with the LSAT’s format. Also, you should be sure you know how to write out the puzzles/games presented in the LSAT. If you need help with this, an LSAT prep book can be useful.
Then start your preparation course 6-8 weeks before test day, and really ramp it up the last 3 weeks. Believe it or not, this IS enough time to master the test and score well.

How long did you spend studying and practicing for the LSAT? If you have any advice, please add it here for other students.

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