The 48 Most Important words on the LSAT

Here is a list of 28 words which appear most frequently in LSAT question stems and answer choices.

It is followed by a list of the 20 words that are the most important words on the LSAT.

Spotting these words and understanding their meaning and impact is often the difference between a correct answer and an incorrect answer.

Ambiguous – Having two or more possible meanings. Causing uncertainty.

Analogy – Comparing two things that are similar or alike in some respects.

Argument – Coherent series of statements leading to a conclusion.

Assumption – Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof.

Causation/Causal – The fact that something brings about an effect.

Conclusion – A decision based on facts.

Condition – Something that is necessary to cause a result.

Correlation – Two events that are associated or occur at the same time.

Effect – Direct result or change.

Equivocation – Use of misleading language. Incorrect logical conclusion based on ambiguity.

Evidence – Support or proof for a conclusion (See: Premise)

Generalization – Making specific facts into a universal principle, statement, or idea.

Hypothesis – An assertion that needs to be proved. A theory or possible conclusion.

Inference – A conclusion based on evidence. A deduction.

Justification – Good reason. Explanation. Validation.

Logic – The theory of distinguishing good from bad reasoning.

Necessary – Essential. Indispensable. Logically true. (Contrast: Sufficient)

Paradox – Seemingly contradictory or inconsistent statements that are or may be true.

Posit – To put forward as a possible explanation. To hypothesize.

Premise – Evidence. A proposition or statement from which an argument is based or a conclusion is drawn.

Presume – Same as assume. Take for granted. Assume to be true without proof.

Presuppose – Assume in advance. Take for granted.

Principle – A basic truth or standard. (See: Generalization)

Proposition – A principle.

Putative – Generally regarded as. Supposed. Reputed.

Spurious – Not valid. A fallacy. False.

Sufficient – Enough. Adequate. As much as is needed. (Contrast: Necessary)

Warrant – Authorization (used as: to presume without warrant)


The following 20 words are the most important words in all three test areas of the LSAT. Be sure that you always see them and consider their importance.

Must    All    Always    Only

Can    Likely    Most    Sometimes

Some    Could    Except    Should

Often    Many    Cannot    None

Never    Would    Ought    Frequently

Help yourself on test day by being sure you know the exact meaning of these 48 words.

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