We only care about one thing at Edutech – raising students’ scores on their SAT, ACT and  LSAT exams. and their first year law school finals!

We familiarize students with the exams, the questions, the right answer types versus the wrong answer types, and the proven strategies that work to maximize scores. Our students’ speed improves, along with their stamina and time management. We focus on student’s weaknesses before test day and improve their strengths.

Our one-on-one private tutoring ensures students receive focused instruction that is specific to their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Tutoring will be intense, but  it will also instill confidence. Our class sessions cover all of the question types, and prepare the student to systematically tackle each test question.

Edutech is a flexible tutoring service – sessions will  be scheduled around the student’s schedule; in 2 or 2 1/2 hour increments, so that you can get the most out of each session.

Students will learn ONLY from authentic questions taken from previously administered tests. The large test prep companies may create simulated questions which are not necessarily comparable to the real test. Edutech only uses official materials from the Educational Testing Services, Law School Admissions Council, and the State Boards of Bar Examiners.

Discover The Edutech Edge and become the most successful student you can become!

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